Wednesday, 31 August 2011


What is so difficult about Bhakti? The one whom we have to worship is sitting within our heart. One God, Shri Krishna is sitting within the hearts of everyone, Everyone - Man, Dog, Cat, Pig, Demon, everyone. And, he is everywhere, within every particle of the universe. But, we cannot see Him. We will be able to see Him after we are purified by doing Bhakti. Right now, we have to try to bring God in our hearts. Later, we will not have to try, we will be able to think about God continuously without any effort. It will be very natural.Once there was a beautiful Gopi sitting near the Yamuna river and someone thought look at this beautiful girl, she is thinking about Shri Krishna. Someone asked her you are thinking about Shri Krishna ? She said, you took His name again, I am trying hard to remove Him out of my mind but in vain. I have small kids to take care of and my family for whom I have to cook and run errands. Whenever I am cooking or trying to do something, He comes in front of me and plays His melodious flute and I forget everything and get lost in His thoughts. Such is the high state of the Gopis who are physically doing all the work at home but in their mind, she is continuously thinking about Shri Krishna.

Sunday, 28 August 2011


The most important thing for a person is to realize the importance of God realization. If he understands that true happiness lies in the personified and most charming original Divine Beauty who appears with a flute in His hand and Whom we know by the name Krishn; if he understands that his present life is the only chance to perceive that Divine Beauty; if he understands that sensual attractions are the deviations from the Divine path; if he understands that Krishn is only too willing to Grace His selfless devotees; and if he understands that His Grace is easily attainable through selfless love and faithful surrender to a real Saint, he will surely follow the path of raganuga bhakti, and a day may come when he will taste the Divine lusciousness of Divine love.
That same ‘love’ is demanded by your soul; you cannot rest until you obtain it.
They are the most fortunate ones who have attained Divine love and they are also fortunate who follow them to attain that ‘love’.


The path of raganuga bhakti (Divine love consciousness) is the eternal path, revealed by God Himself through our very ancient scriptures like the Vedas (Radhikopnishad, Krishnopnishad), the Gita, and the Bhagwatam, etc. This path is the universal and the original Divine theme of all the religions. So, everyone can follow this path, regardless of his nationality, religion or cultural background.

Saturday, 27 August 2011


A person who is victim of worldly desires is no better than a bad man. To fulfill worldly desires a man can commit any sin, he can tell lies, deceive others and can go to any extent. Practice of devotion involves replacing desires for the world with desires for God. One cannot have both God and the material world simultaneously, one will have to abandon worldly desires if one wants to practice devotion.

Friday, 26 August 2011


Dear friend! Radha Krishna are everything for you. They are truly yours forever by all means, and you only belong to Them. Don’t think that Krishn is Almighty Supreme God Who is not easily accessible to common souls. He is just yours. Radha and Krishn are so kind and loving that They are waiting with Their open arms to embrace you...

Leaving all the worldly attachments just look at Them with full faith and confidence like a small child and They will become yours forever....Austerity, yog, or vigorous practice of meditation etc., are never required in order to receive Their Grace as They are causelessly merciful by nature. Just have unflinching faith in Them. That’s all you have to do.

Your eternally ruined luck will be instantly transformed and you will become Theirs forever....You just give yourself into Their hands and see that They will do everything for you....(Our scriptures tell that) They have embraced great sinful souls; then why don’t you develop full faith in Them? What are you hesitating for? Trust my words, just do it and see…

Thursday, 25 August 2011


Chanting of the names and the virtues of Shree Krishna is the supreme means. No other Sadhana that can be compared to it. This chanting cleanses the mirror of the heart. It extinguishes the blazing fire of material existence. It is like the moon which blossoms the lilies of eternal welfare with its radiance. It swells the tide of the ocean of Bliss. This chanting of the Divine name makes the chanter experience its nectarine sweetness at every moment, and drowns him in an ocean of ever-increasing Bliss and peace.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Longing for our Divine Beloved develops by the practice of Roop-dhyan, or meditation on the personal form of God. Along with this, we must learn to remember Him throughout the day, by feeling His Divine presence with us at all times. When our heart is perfectly cleansed by the practice of devotion, we will receive another kind of devotion by the Grace of our Spiritual Master, called perfect devotion or Divine Love. This Divine Love is an eternal power of God; it is such a power that God Himself becomes captivated by the devotee who possesses it. With that Divine Love, we will engage in the eternal loving service of the Supreme Lord, and upon leaving this body, we will enter His eternal Divine

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


You all have to keep yourself away from damaging thoughts and bad associations.they are: looking to another's person's fault,criticizing other devotees,desire for popularity,disappointmemt in devotion,laziness in doing devotions,and friendliness with such worldly people whose association may spoil your devotional feelings.

Monday, 22 August 2011


Anekaanek Shastro, Vedo, Purano evam Anyanya Dharmagrantho ko padhan bhi Kusang hai. Karan yah hai ki ve Mahapurush ke Pranit Granth hai, Atev unhe hum Bhagwatpranit Granth bhi kah sakte hai. Unka Vastavik Tatva Anubhavi Mahapurush hi jante hai. Tum unhe Padhkar anantaanant prashna paida kar baithoge, jinka ki samdhan anubhav ke bina sambhav nahi. Yadi Mahapurush ke bina hi, apne aap Shastriya Bhagwadvishayo ko Tatvanirnay karne chaloge to sulajne ke bajay ulajte jaoge.